Metal- Free Anti-Seize

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This product is not classified as a hazard to the user according to Arb Stoff V. German Federal Republic.


Do not use on oxygen systems.

Do not use in the presence of acetylene.

Color ..... White
Dropping Point ..... None
Resistance ..... Steam, Water, Acids, Alkalis, Gas
Metal Content ..... None
Temp. Range ..... Subzero to 2500° F
Lubricant Portion ..... Synthetic



Apply to all nuts, bolts, and fittings to ease assembly and disassembly

Use as a sealant for fittings, especially pipe fittings with NPT or other tapered threads.

Use as additional sealant for sheet jointing
to compensate for uneven flanges.

Use as a lubricant for extreme temperatures.


  • Metal Free
  • White
  • Pressure Resistant
  • Extreme Lubrication
  • Guards Against Corrosion
  • Seals and Protects
  • Eases Assembly and Disassembly
Without DEPAC METAL-FREE ANTI-SEIZE the metal surfaces scrape each other when closing or opening. The surfaces suffer breakage or galling under high pressure or with dissimilar metals. DEPAC METAL-FREE ANTI-SEIZE contains "millions of tiny non-metal ball bearings" that separate the metal surfaces, thus preventing galling or breakage.

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